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T. Mulleman

Tres (3')

for alto saxophone, violin & piano, 2020


Commissioned by Kugoni Trio

Premiere: CC Maasmechelen, 2/2/2021 (livestream concert)
CD-release concert: CC Maasmechelen, 27/11/2021

CD "Classics Revisited", recorded 2/2/2021


"Tres is Dutch for 'braid' and Spanish for 'three': here Kugoni's musicians are intertwined strands of sound. There are no soloists here and no unrecognisable fusions of sound, yet these three divergent timbres are swiftly interwoven: repetitive patterns fade in and out, graceful lines complement and manoeuvre between and around each other. An inevitable battle rages for the upper hand as the climax approaches, but attempts at separation are in vain: the harder the struggle, the more complex the knot becomes. A drastic reversal follows, after which Tres comes to a graceful but sudden conclusion, the three protagonists circling each other until the very last second."


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