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T. Mulleman

Tento (4')

for guitar solo, 2019

bream maarten2.jpg

Commissioned by and dedicated to Maarten Vandenbemden on the occasion of the 'Celebrating Julian Bream turning 85' festival, an initiative of Antigoni Goni in collaboration with the Julian Bream Foundation.

Premiere: Maarten Vandenbemden, Royal Conservatory Brussels, 31 Mar 2019 alongside the Belgian premiere of Richard Rodney Bennett's Concerto for guitar and orchestra.

Excerpt program notes:

"Julian Bream frequently encouraged composers to write new pieces and thus enriched the guitar repertoire vastly. Hans Werner Henze was one of many composers who wrote for him, a close collaboration that resulted e.g. in Henze’s Royal Winter Music. However, Henze had already written for this particular instrument: his wonderful Drei Tentos were premiered by Julian Bream himself. This work was originally part of his larger Kammermusik 1958, a cycle dedicated to Benjamin Britten who composed his iconic Nocturnal for Bream too.

The brand new Tento presented by Tim Mulleman echoes the spirit of this eponymous work by Henze. Mulleman plays with its structural and harmonic elements and - much like Henze with Bream - worked closely together with guitarist Maarten Vandenbemden during his creative process.

Mulleman's Tento starts out steadily with percussive ‘tambora’ chords, but this stability is short-lived as textures and playing techniques gradually evolve. Peace returns when the serene spirit of Henze's Tentos appears to bring the work to its conclusion."

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